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Here you can view a map of France and a regional map of the Dordogne, so you can see exactly where Le Petit Paradis is located.
Large cities near Le Petit Paradis are Sarlat, Bergerac and Perigueux.

Le Petit Paradis is centrally located in the Dordogne, a piece of paradise with a green and hilly landscape, rocks, rivers and old medieval towns. The Dordogne has a lovely climate and life is still pleasant. Many people call the Dordogne the Real France. The area has an eventful history and rightly called the department with a thousand and one castles (see below for some local links).
The daily shopping can be done in a supermarket about eight kilometers from Le Petit Paradis, in the village of Le Bugue or St. Cyprien.
In the vicinity of St. Chamassy you can swim in various places. A five minute drive away is the village of Le Buisson de Cadouin where you can swim and bath in the river Dordogne. At ten minutes drive there is a municipal swimming pool and a swimming pond.
Le Petit Paradis is conveniently located for the many cultural and historical attractions of the Dordogne. There are numerous caves (both prehistoric and stalactite caves) and castles to visit.
At various locations you can rent a canoe or kayak for a trip on the river Dordogne or Vezere. The area is particularly suitable for walking and cycling, there are several tours which are available at the local tourist offices. Lovers can also parasail in the area.
On every day of the week there is a cosy weekly market in one of the surrounding towns, where you can buy, among other things, the typical regional products.